Rotary cuff injuries
Rotational cuff injuries Along with the tendons of the rotational cuff, in the supraspinatal "exit" there is a subacromial sac, which on top borders two ligaments - medial-acromial and beak-acromial.…

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Osgood-Schlatter disease
In young athletes with their underdeveloped bone system, the bones are more supple, the cartilage is softer, and the ligaments, on the contrary, are more powerful. Therefore, if some burden…

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Informative article about Volleyball
Volleyball is one of the most popular sports in the world. At the amateur level, almost a billion people on our planet are fond of him. In 1895, the American…

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Interesting facts about volleyball (part 1)

Volleyball is a popular sport. Spread due to the dynamic gameplay and affordable material and technical base. Many interesting facts about volleyball will expand knowledge of the game and take a fresh look at it.

Game History
Initially, the usual volleyball was called the Minton. He appeared 122 years ago and won the love of over a billion fans. The founder of the game is considered a gymnastics teacher from a college located in the American town of Holyoke, William Morgan.

Volleyball was originally called Minton. Volleyball was originally called Minton.
In 1895, he came up with the idea of ​​throwing the ball through a tennis net hung almost at a height of two meters. Some semblance of such a game existed in the 3rd century BC. Roman legionnaires – the Romans had fun throwing the ball into the air. In addition, in the Middle Ages in Europe, the Faust Ball game was spread, which consisted of throwing the ball over a stone wall.

Morgan hoped to replace the popular basketball with the Minton. The new game was intended for people whose age or build is not suitable for basketball.

William Morgan and Alfred Halstead William Morgan and Alfred Halstead
The modern name – volleyball – was coined by Morgan’s colleague Alfred Halstead, combining the two words (“volley” and “ball”), resulting in a “flying ball”.

Rules of the game: interesting facts from the history of volleyball
Initially, the rules of the game were sufficiently influenced by tennis. For example, if an error occurs, it is allowed to be made again. The number of players and the number of hits were not limited. Thanks to this, Asians developed their own volleyball variations: with nine and twelve participants. The rules of the game have changed frequently. Initially, games were held up to 21 points, from 1917 – up to 15. Five years later, the norm was set for three touches of the ball by the participants of one team, after which it passes to the opponent.
“Olympics-84” gave popularity to the ball in the jump. This technique was used by the players of the Brazilian men’s team and brought silver to the team.

List of records set in volleyball
Presenting a dozen interesting facts about volleyball for children and adults:

The largest number of spectators at a volleyball match. In 1983, the Brazilian Maracana Stadium was attended by over 100,000 spectators. This happened during a friendly match between the national teams of the USSR and Brazil.
The most productive player. The diagonal player of the Canadian national team named Gavin Schmitt is recognized as the most successful on the planet. Athlete Achievement – 58 points in one game.
Volleyball player Gavin SchmittVolleyball player Gavin Schmitt is the most productive player.
The longest match and party. The longest match was recorded in American Kingston. The duration of the game is 75.5 hours. At the Italian championship in 2002, the longest volleyball game was held: it took 48 minutes, and the final score was 54:52.
The most impressive difference in points. In October 2009, a match was held between the teams of the major league Zabaykalka and Hara Morin as part of the Russian Championship. The first team beat the second by 25 points, the score was 25: 0.
The fastest feed. The speed of the Bulgarian Matei Kaziyski is 132 km / h.

The largest federation. Of the functioning sports organizations, the international volleyball federation is the most massive: it includes representatives of 218 countries. For comparison: 209 countries are members of FIFA, 207 are members of the IOC.
The largest number of Olympic “gold”. Charles Karch Kirai is the most titled volleyball player in Olympic sports. The American is the owner of two gold medals in classic volleyball and one in beach volleyball.
The most expensive ball in the volleyball world. In the film “Outcast” with Tom Hanks, the main character owned a ball from Wilson. After it was sold at an online auction for $ 18,400.

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