New volleyball scoring formulas
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A little bit about volleyball ...
Since its “invention”, the game of volleyball is undergoing rapid development. This is reflected in the growing number of volleyball players, and in the growing number of member countries of…

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Brief rules of volleyball (How to play volleyball?)
volleyball how to play Volleyball is one of the most interesting team games invented by man. Not for nothing having gone to the beach you can see many circles consisting…

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Volleyball forward

In modern volleyball, an attack hit becomes one of the decisive elements of the game for most teams.

The most spectacular moment of any volleyball match is the attack. It is in the process of attacking actions that teams receive 50-70% of scoring points. The whole team seeks to create a moment for the successful execution of this spectacular element. The player, owning the technique of such strikes, can give the ball an acceleration of up to 130 km / h!

Therefore, understanding and applying the principles of the correct technique of an attacking strike is one of the priorities for a volleyball player.

volleyball striker

Offensive strike is a technically challenging element of volleyball
An attacking hit is performed by the player in the jump after the takeoff and consists in throwing the ball with one hand above the edge of the net to the side of the opposing team. All actions (efforts) of the volleyball player at this moment are concentrated on achieving the following goals: finding the optimal point for the push, assessing the direction of the ball’s flight and making the highest jump possible.

Depending on the development of the attack, on the actions of the team and, in general, the game environment, there are different ways of performing an attack hit. In practice, the division into such main groups is widespread: attack strikes “along the course” of the take-off run and attack strikes “with the turn”, in which the ball’s flight path after the strike is at an angle to the direction of the player’s take-off. In addition, there are lateral and deceptive strikes, strikes “with translation”.

“Reception of the ball, transfer and attack hit – these are three links of the same chain, inextricably linked. But the main thing is the striker. ”

Konstantin Reva – player of the Soviet national team, two-time world champion, two-time European champion, eight-time champion of the USSR.

In volleyball, as in any team game, special attention is paid to the individual qualities and abilities of each player (growth, jumping ability, speed) in order to maximize their use for building match tactics, the effectiveness of attacking actions and defense. Thus, a certain specialization is carried out in the game functions and individual actions of the players.

Role of strikers in volleyball:
The central blocker is the player of the first pace.
It strikes, as a rule, from the 3rd zone with short and high-speed gears. In a team, center hitters are usually the highest players.

The do-it-yourself player is a striker of the second pace.
Attacks from the front line from the 2nd or 4th number, from the back – pipe.

It attacks mainly from the back line from the 1st number. In the reception of the feed is not involved. Usually the most productive players on the team.

Volleyball strikers

“How can I hit harder?”, “How to develop the sharpness of an attacking strike?”, “How to hit the ball at its highest point?”. These are the main questions that a player has when performing an attacking strike, and the answers to them are contained in a thorough analysis of the technique for performing such a strike.

In order for an attacker to be able to effectively realize the decisive moments in an attack, he needs to master the correct technique and have excellent physical preparation, since, despite the simplicity of the complex of attacking movements, their coordination is extremely difficult.

Technique of attacking strike.
The implementation of such a technical element is individual and depends on the physical qualities of the player, such as the height of the jump and the height of the athlete, dexterity, leading hand, arm length, speed of movement, shape of the brush on impact and much more.

Take-off and short kick.
run and kick

It is possible to conditionally divide the preparation for an attacking strike and actually the strike into several elements – run, push, jump and hit the ball. Having assessed the game situation, the distance and the trajectory of the ball, the attacker goes to the repulsion point with an accelerated energetic run of 3-4 steps. It is important to make a push, relying on parallel placed feet and simultaneously helping with a wave of the hands and active extension of the legs, to perform the highest possible jump.

In the jump, the volleyball player swings his arm up and back, bending in the chest and lower back. The body is tense and arched, and the legs are laid back. In this case, it is especially necessary to visually constantly control the ball, and immediately before the hit it should be in front of the player on the shoulder line of the beating hand. When hitting the ball, the arm straightens in the elbow joint, and the body bends as it exhales, which contributes to its more efficient implementation. The brush is in a tense state at the moment of impact and transfers the impact force to the ball.

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Brief rules of volleyball (How to play volleyball?)
volleyball how to play Volleyball is one of the most interesting team games invented by man. Not for nothing having gone to the beach you can see many circles consisting…