There are many varieties of volleyball, branching from the main sport. This is mini-volleyball, beach volleyball, park volleyball, kerntball, pionerball. In kertball, unlike ordinary volleyball, the net is replaced by…

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In Japan, tested a volleyball robot
Specialists from Tsukuba University built and tested a robotic training complex for volleyball players The device consists of three pairs of robotic manipulators that move from side to side under…

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Volleyball as a means of improving work with students
Volleyball as a means of improving work with students. Health as a category of being is the most important priority in life all over the world (A.V. Vekhov, 2001). If…

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Jump Alert (Air Alert 3)

Increase jump (air alert 3) Based on the famous program, the American company TMT Sports has created a software package to increase the jump Air Alert III. The program has undergone many changes. The course of the program was increased to fifteen weeks. They also added a new exercise, which can now be performed only three times a week. However, in the fifteenth week, the frequency still increases. These changes contributed to a more accurate exercise: on a particular day of a particular week. Thanks to the software package of this course, you can increase your jump from twenty to forty centimeters! Also, you need to adhere to proper nutrition and healthy sleep, as during any other workout.

Below are the exercises themselves:

High jump
high jump increase

How to perform: Put your feet shoulder width apart. Next, you need to jump up with maximum strength. Having landed, you need to sit down approximately one fourth. One jump is over.

Note: It is important not so much exercise as the speed of the jump. You have to jump very fast and hard. Accordingly, to stay on earth takes a split second. Proper breathing is also important, breathe through your nose, exhale through your mouth.

Toe lifts
Lifting on socksHow to perform: You must stand on the stairs or, for example, a large book, the main thing is that your heels do not touch the floor. Next, stand on one foot as high as you can, repeat the same thing with the next foot.

It is important that your respite between sets is no more than half a minute.

Step-upsStep Up Air Alert 3
How to perform: Prepare a chair or bench, you need a solid hill. Next, place one foot on it. That, the leg on which you stand, push up, it looks like you were standing on a bench, instantly change your leg when lifting. Repeat again.

Jumping on straight legs
How to perform: Again, put your feet shoulder width apart. The exercise sounds like “Scissors”, most likely you are familiar with it. Perform high jumps. You should not bend your knees. Obviously, you need to jump very high.

Now you can rest between sets for a minute.

Note: Here again, it is important not so much the exercise as the speed of the jump. You must jump instantly and with great power. Accordingly, to stay on earth takes a split second. Do not forget about breathing. Inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth.

Burn Alert 3
How to perform: If in this exercise you do everything right, then you will feel a burning sensation in the muscles of the legs. That’s why the name of this exercise.
So, feet shoulder width apart, stand firmly, concentrate, sit down slightly. Then, rising on toes, jump! You have to do jumps in this pose. Make sure not to lower your heels, concentrate on the exercise, it should be as fast as possible.
Jumping in full squat. Increase jump. full squat jumping

Now you are waiting for a new interesting exercise. Jumping in a full squat loads the thigh completely and, thanks to this, it is saturated with strength. This exercise will increase the endurance of your cardiovascular system, and it will also become easier for you to overcome short distances along with lateral speed.

How to perform: So, you need a ball. You have to sit down, raise your heels, legs should stand firmly on your toes, with the hips parallel to the floor, and the back perpendicular to it. Now do a jump of ten or fifteen centimeters, observing all the rules, do not change your position! When you go down, jump again. At the end of the exercises you must put a lot of effort and jump as high as possible.

Jumping in a full squat very heavily loads your muscles, so they are performed once a week, on Wednesday. If you try to increase the number of exercises done, then you risk overloading the muscles. This can lead to the fact that in the future, the exercise will bring you pain and discomfort, you will spend a lot of time recovering and will have to start all over again. Approaching the end of each approach, you should use maximum effort, make them as if playing in competitions. It is also important that you jump sharply. Due to this, the muscles of your hips will strengthen, which means that the length of your jump will increase (by about five centimeters).

Air Alert
It is important to recall that the program lasts fifteen weeks. The program course needs to be performed three times a week, it would be nice if you did it at about the same time.

In the third version of the program there should not be a break between exercises, do them without resting! However, between the approaches themselves you can relax no more than two minutes. Constantly massage your muscles during rest (between sets.

Recommended exercise time is at 13: 00-15: 00 hours of the day. At this time, the muscles work as much as possible.

For the thirteenth week, you completely rest, that is, stop the course. However, this does not mean that you

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