Interesting facts about volleyball (part 2)
The most exclusive goal of the game. In team sports, you need to score a ball into the goal, get into the ring, etc. In volleyball, you need to prevent…

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There are many varieties of volleyball, branching from the main sport. This is mini-volleyball, beach volleyball, park volleyball, kerntball, pionerball. In kertball, unlike ordinary volleyball, the net is replaced by…

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So, consider the rules of volleyball. The game is played on a rectangular area measuring 18x9 meters. The volleyball court is divided in the middle by the net. The height…

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The effectiveness of volleyball in the physical education of students

In modern society, the full development of school-age children without active physical education is practically unattainable. It was found that the lack of motor activity worsens the health of a growing human body, weakens its defenses, and does not provide full-fledged physical development.
Purpose of the study. Analysis of physical education classes dedicated to volleyball.
Object of study. Physical education lessons, sections, testing, competitions dedicated to volleyball.
Subject of study. Knowledge, skills of students involved in volleyball.
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Jump Alert (Air Alert 3)

Increase jump (air alert 3) Based on the famous program, the American company TMT Sports has created a software package to increase the jump Air Alert III. The program has undergone many changes. The course of the program was increased to fifteen weeks. They also added a new exercise, which can now be performed only three times a week. However, in the fifteenth week, the frequency still increases. These changes contributed to a more accurate exercise: on a particular day of a particular week. Thanks to the software package of this course, you can increase your jump from twenty to forty centimeters! Also, you need to adhere to proper nutrition and healthy sleep, as during any other workout.

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Brief rules of beach volleyball (differences from the classic)

Brief rules of beach volleyball Beach volleyball – volleyball adapted for playing on the beach. The basic principles come from classic volleyball, but the rules still have significant differences.

Brief rules of beach volleyball (the main differences between beach volleyball and classic):

Area. The playground is naturally sand. Sand depth – at least 40cm. The field is smaller than in classic volleyball. The size of the site is 8x8m. (In the classic 9×9).
differences of beach volleyball from the classic
The players. There are always 2 players on the beach volleyball field. Continue reading

Volleyball is a family affair
Probably, in any sport there is no such nepotism as in volleyball. Husbands and wives, brothers and sisters, brothers and ... brothers! Fathers and sons, mothers and daughters ... This…


Ukraine sensationally reached the quarter finals of the European Volleyball Championship
The men's team of Ukraine defeated the Belgian team and, thus, reached the quarter finals of the European Volleyball Championship. The game was held in Antwerp. The national team of…


The next World Volleyball Championship for men will be held in Russia, and our athletes are simply obliged to show decent results there. Since the game of volleyball, originally called…


Ankle injury
Ankle injury in volleyball is the most common - almost half of the total number of injuries. Most often, such an injury occurs when landing after a jump, and on…