Volleyball as a sport and a means of physical education (part 2)
The complex nature of competitive gaming, for example, in volleyball, creates constantly changing conditions, makes it necessary to assess the situation and choose actions, as a rule, in conditions of…

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Interesting facts about volleyball (part 2)
The most exclusive goal of the game. In team sports, you need to score a ball into the goal, get into the ring, etc. In volleyball, you need to prevent…

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Ukraine sensationally reached the quarter finals of the European Volleyball Championship
The men's team of Ukraine defeated the Belgian team and, thus, reached the quarter finals of the European Volleyball Championship. The game was held in Antwerp. The national team of…

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Stay healthy and watch volleyball

Yuri Marichev: “Dear volleyball fans, I wish you health, happiness in the new year. Only good to you. ”

Andrei Voronkov: “First of all, health. The second – patience and self-confidence, confidence that our country is on its course. Try to avoid doubt about what we are doing. As in sports. ”
Alexei Verbov missed the World Cup due to an injury, he recovered for a long time, returning to the site closer to winter. The return turned out to be very successful – Alexey excellently held the “Final Six” of the Russian Cup, together with Kazan “Zenith” winning first place. Kazan is in a great mood for the New Year, and Aleksey Verbov, especially for the “Championship”, recalls the most unusual meeting of the New Year: “I first got into the Russian team on the eve of the new 2004. Continue reading

The effectiveness of volleyball in the physical education of students

In modern society, the full development of school-age children without active physical education is practically unattainable. It was found that the lack of motor activity worsens the health of a growing human body, weakens its defenses, and does not provide full-fledged physical development.
Purpose of the study. Analysis of physical education classes dedicated to volleyball.
Object of study. Physical education lessons, sections, testing, competitions dedicated to volleyball.
Subject of study. Knowledge, skills of students involved in volleyball.
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Brief rules of beach volleyball (differences from the classic)

Brief rules of beach volleyball Beach volleyball – volleyball adapted for playing on the beach. The basic principles come from classic volleyball, but the rules still have significant differences.

Brief rules of beach volleyball (the main differences between beach volleyball and classic):

Area. The playground is naturally sand. Sand depth – at least 40cm. The field is smaller than in classic volleyball. The size of the site is 8x8m. (In the classic 9×9).
differences of beach volleyball from the classic
The players. There are always 2 players on the beach volleyball field. Continue reading

Volleyball forward
In modern volleyball, an attack hit becomes one of the decisive elements of the game for most teams. The most spectacular moment of any volleyball match is the attack. It…


In Japan, tested a volleyball robot
Specialists from Tsukuba University built and tested a robotic training complex for volleyball players The device consists of three pairs of robotic manipulators that move from side to side under…


The most, the most, the most volleyball
Volleyball is one of the most common sports on the planet. According to numerous ratings, one of the varieties of this game - beach volleyball, is the second most popular…


The right fall technique in volleyball
The athlete must be able to fall correctly, this ability can prevent many injuries - both minor bruises and bruises, as well as more serious fractures, dislocations and subluxations, bursitis.…