Volleyball as a means of developing the physical qualities of university students
Physical education in a higher educational institution is a particularly significant part of the educational process, which has a positive effect on the general condition of the student’s body as…

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Volleyball Injuries
The other side of the sport is volleyball injuries Injuries in volleyball are not so common compared to other team games, such as football or hockey. This is primarily due…

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New volleyball scoring formulas
Vladimir G1ATKIN, senior coach of the USSR team. The tournament for the FIVB Cup in Seoul was held with a significant innovation: if after the usual four games it came…

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The most, the most, the most volleyball

Volleyball is one of the most common sports on the planet. According to numerous ratings, one of the varieties of this game – beach volleyball, is the second most popular sport in the world after the king of sports (but this is a rather controversial statement, so let’s not focus on it). Volleyball has earned such popularity due to the exciting gameplay and low-cost requirements for material and technical base. Initially, volleyball was called “Minton”, but later it was decided to replace the name of the game with a more harmonious name. In volleyball there are many records, achievements and interesting facts, which we present to your attention.

MOST large number of spectators at the match
The record number of spectators at the volleyball match was registered in 1983 at a friendly match between the national teams of the USSR and Brazil. The game was held at the football stadium “Maracana” (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). There were more than 100 thousand spectators.

MOST first jump jump
In 1984, the Brazilian athletes first served the pitch in the jump. Thanks to such a feed, the force of impact on the ball increased significantly, as a result of which, it became much more difficult to accept the pitch. At the moment, this is the main pitch in world volleyball.

The longest match
The longest volleyball match was held in Kingston, USA. Its duration was 75 hours 30 minutes.

The longest batch
The longest game in the history of volleyball was played in 2002 in the Italian Championship. The final score was 54:52 and it lasted 48 minutes. The fact is that, as in many sports, in order to win the party, the team must win two rallies in a row, that is, win with a difference of two points.

classic volleyball
Classic volleyball

MOST productive player
The most productive player in the world is the diagonal Canadian national team Gavin Schmitt. His record is 58 points in one game.

BIGGEST points gap
The biggest gap in points in the party (in the official game) was recorded on October 13, 2009 at the match of the Russian Championship among the teams of the major league Zabaykalka and Khara Morin, which took place in Ulan-Ude. He made a record 25-0 in favor of Transbaikal.

The fastest serve in the official match was performed by Bulgarian Matei Kaziyski. Its feed rate was 132 km / h.

The MOST Numerous Federation
The International Volleyball Federation is the largest sports federation in the world. It consists of representatives of 218 countries of the world. For example, IOC members are 207 countries, and FIFA – 209.

The MOST unique goal of the game
Unlike many game team sports, where opponents try to score a ball into the goal, put it into a ring, etc., in volleyball, players must make sure that the ball does not touch their half of the court – this makes volleyball unique.

MOST large number of Olympic gold medals
The most titled volleyball player in Olympic sports is Karch Kirai. The American is the owner of two gold medals in classic volleyball and one in the beach.

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