The right fall technique in volleyball
The athlete must be able to fall correctly, this ability can prevent many injuries - both minor bruises and bruises, as well as more serious fractures, dislocations and subluxations, bursitis.…

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New volleyball scoring formulas
Vladimir G1ATKIN, senior coach of the USSR team. The tournament for the FIVB Cup in Seoul was held with a significant innovation: if after the usual four games it came…

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Finger injury
Finger injury in volleyball Volleyball players injure fingers quite often. Most often this happens when the block is executed, when the ball hits the set finger. This can happen even…

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Interesting facts about volleyball (part 2)

The most exclusive goal of the game. In team sports, you need to score a ball into the goal, get into the ring, etc. In volleyball, you need to prevent the ball from touching its part of the court, which makes the game unusual.
The most demanded sport in the categories of television rating. Volleyball is the only sport that got into the top three in all categories of TV ratings, including the volume of broadcasts in prime time and the largest number of spectators.
Interesting facts about volleyball in Russia
The first Soviet official match took place at the end of 1923 in the capital. He passed between the “theater” and “filmmakers” and with a light hand of the creative intelligentsia quickly gained popularity in our country. The USSR Volleyball Championships will start from the 1933 competitions under the name “All-Union Volleyball Festival.” It is curious that volleyball was introduced into the program of the All-Union Spartakiad as an obscure sport.

Volleyball in the USSRVolleyball in the USSR
Under the motto “50 to 50!” In 1929, a gala match between women’s and men’s teams was held at the Moscow stadium. The athletes of the Trade Union of Soviet and Trade Servants won.

The rules for playing volleyball from English into Russian were translated in 1922 at the Moscow Main Military School of Physical Education of Workers.

As for the first Russian volleyball players to go abroad, it was organized in the summer of 1947. The First World Festival of Democratic Youth and Students took place in Czechoslovakia. Muscovites and Leningraders won five matches with a score of 2: 0. The women’s team traveled abroad for the first time in 1948: athletes from Lokomotiv, Dynamo and Spartak visited Poland.

Eugene Egnus Eugene Egnus
Thanks to the master of sports and the famous trainer of the Russian Federation Yevgeny Yegnus and his method of expert assessments, a chronology of the origin of techniques in Russian volleyball with authorship has been compiled. For instance:

The deceptive blow was first applied in 1930 by Nikolai Rybin;
The “candle” delivery was carried out four years later by Natalya Metelkova;
Forward wrist blows from both hands belong to Valentin Filippov (1935);
Four athletes immediately took advantage of striking hooks in 1936 (Ilya Muzykantsky, Vladimir Savin, Dmitry Fedorov, Konstantin Reva);
Lateral power supply was shown by Konstantin Lominadze and Ludvik Avalyan (1937 – 1939);
The Lokomotiv men’s team demonstrated the “cross” combination in 1948;
The “echelon” combination was used by the MAI men’s team (1952);
In 1976, the Avtomobilist men’s team demonstrated the “ledge” block.
It is worth noting that the USSR men’s team turned out to be the first Olympic volleyball champion. The competition took place in 1964 in Japan.

1964 Olympic champions 1964 Olympic champions
It is noteworthy that volleyball makes sense to consider a recipe for longevity. So, Sofya Ivanovna Komarevich, an athlete from the city of Verkhnyaya Pyshma in the Sverdlovsk region, lived 104 years. Until old age, my grandmother ran and did intense exercise. Over forty years old, a woman with friends played volleyball and organized competitions, stating that the game helps to save on medicines and live long.

Five curious facts about beach volleyball
This type of volleyball is rapidly gaining popularity every year.

A volleyball player playing the beach version of the game, on average performs 85 jumps, makes 235 accelerations and runs 770 meters. A similar load on the legs and heart helps to get rid of extra pounds. Unprofessional beach volleyball is carried away by over a billion people.
Russian volleyball player Igor Bazuka Kolodinsky is recognized as the owner of the most powerful pitch. Its speed is 114 km / h, such a record was recorded in 2009. As for women, the Brazilian Maria Clara Salgado has the fastest feed – 86.5 km / h.
The popular company Pepsi organized the first official beach volleyball tournament in 1948. Prize – a box of a drink produced by a company.
The load on the body in beach volleyball is greater than in the “classic”. This is because the competition is held in the open air without restrictions on air temperature.

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Ankle injury
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