Subscapular neuropathy
Innervation of the muscles of the shoulder girdle, rear view Oversaturated neuropathy as a disease is quite rare, although it can occur quite often among volleyball players. This is inflammation…

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Ukraine sensationally reached the quarter finals of the European Volleyball Championship
The men's team of Ukraine defeated the Belgian team and, thus, reached the quarter finals of the European Volleyball Championship. The game was held in Antwerp. The national team of…

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Volleyball as a sport and a means of physical education (part 2)
The complex nature of competitive gaming, for example, in volleyball, creates constantly changing conditions, makes it necessary to assess the situation and choose actions, as a rule, in conditions of…

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Finger injury

Finger injury in volleyball Volleyball players injure fingers quite often. Most often this happens when the block is executed, when the ball hits the set finger. This can happen even with professionals. Novice athletes injure their fingers even with a simple pass or ball. Finger injuries are primarily sprains, fractures and dislocations of the fingers.

It is not possible to accurately track the statistics of finger injuries in volleyball due to the fact that the athlete does not stop the game with a finger injury, but continues to play, fixing the injured finger, for example, with a band-aid. Any finger joint can be injured. The most unpleasant thing – when the metacarpophalangeal joint is injured – it is not so easy to fix it, and the athlete is forced to take a break in the game. The cause of such an injury is a blow to the straightened finger with displacement of the bones and damage to the collateral ligaments.Sometimes such an injury leads to a dislocation in this joint or an injury to the tendon of the flexor muscle of the finger.

Treatment of an injured finger begins with a mandatory x-ray to rule out a fracture. Sometimes it’s enough just to fix the damaged joint with a tape or plaster, for more serious injuries (torn ligaments or tendons, fractures), iron or plastic tires or spacers are needed. Many volleyball players before the game tap their fingers in advance for prevention.

Why and how volleyball players wrap their fingers
Why volleyball players wrap their fingers in plaster

Very often (or almost always) can be observed among professional volleyball players, as well as among amateurs, rewound fingers on one of the hands. Wrap your fingers with a regular tissue patch, which can be bought at a pharmacy. I will advise you to buy a patch thicker, two centimeters is enough. The reason for the winding is simple: protection of the skin and nail of the fingers. With a strong blow, the skin can be damaged (there will be a crack through which blood can go). If you do not protect your fingers, you can earn infection or inflammation, in any case it is not pleasant, and sometimes very painful.

How to tap your fingers?
Take an ordinary patch. It can be bought at any pharmacy.
How to tap fingers

Unwind a little.
unwind the patch

Tear off and glue on the finger. We bend and glue the second part.
bandage of fingers

We again take the skein of the patch and begin to wrap the finger.
Tear off the patch. Done. We do it on other fingers as needed and go play volleyball.
volleyball finger

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