Informative article about Volleyball
Volleyball is one of the most popular sports in the world. At the amateur level, almost a billion people on our planet are fond of him. In 1895, the American…

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The right fall technique in volleyball
The athlete must be able to fall correctly, this ability can prevent many injuries - both minor bruises and bruises, as well as more serious fractures, dislocations and subluxations, bursitis.…

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Volleyball as a sport and a means of physical education (part 2)
The complex nature of competitive gaming, for example, in volleyball, creates constantly changing conditions, makes it necessary to assess the situation and choose actions, as a rule, in conditions of…

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Informative article about Volleyball

Volleyball is one of the most popular sports in the world. At the amateur level, almost a billion people on our planet are fond of him. In 1895, the American physical education teacher William J. Morgan announced the invention of a new game – Minton (which was later renamed volleyball), its rules were published 2 years later. Of course, these rules have changed many times so that volleyball has acquired its present form. For example, in 1918 the number of players on the court was fixed – 6 from each team, in 1925 they approved the size of the court, the weight and size of the volleyball, which is still used today. This sport is one of the few that are included in the program of the Olympic Games immediately in both male and female versions. Continue reading

Ukraine sensationally reached the quarter finals of the European Volleyball Championship

The men’s team of Ukraine defeated the Belgian team and, thus, reached the quarter finals of the European Volleyball Championship. The game was held in Antwerp. The national team of Ukraine defeated Belgium in the 1/8 European Championship with a score of 3: 2 according to the results of 5 sets (25:22, 21:25, 14:25, 25:18, 15:10).

The national team of Ukraine, taking third place in their group, entered the playoffs of the European championship for the first time in history. The victory of Ukraine is already called a sensation – in addition to the fact that this has not happened before, so Ukrainian athletes were able to win on a strange and new platform for themselves. Continue reading

Jump Alert (Air Alert 3)

Increase jump (air alert 3) Based on the famous program, the American company TMT Sports has created a software package to increase the jump Air Alert III. The program has undergone many changes. The course of the program was increased to fifteen weeks. They also added a new exercise, which can now be performed only three times a week. However, in the fifteenth week, the frequency still increases. These changes contributed to a more accurate exercise: on a particular day of a particular week. Thanks to the software package of this course, you can increase your jump from twenty to forty centimeters! Also, you need to adhere to proper nutrition and healthy sleep, as during any other workout.

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How to increase your training load

Increasing the load The principle of continuity in sports training is directly related to the principle of a gradual increase in training loads. At the same time, the increase in loads is not understood one-sidedly, in the sense of only physical exertion, but also includes increased requirements for technical, tactical and moral-volitional training. In the practical implementation of this principle, it is important that the loads constantly increase, since if the load is the same, work becomes habitual and only recovery processes take place in the body. With a constant increase in physical activity, in addition to recovery processes, there will be processes to increase health. In sports, this means improving athletic performance. Continue reading

Brief rules of beach volleyball (differences from the classic)

Brief rules of beach volleyball Beach volleyball – volleyball adapted for playing on the beach. The basic principles come from classic volleyball, but the rules still have significant differences.

Brief rules of beach volleyball (the main differences between beach volleyball and classic):

Area. The playground is naturally sand. Sand depth – at least 40cm. The field is smaller than in classic volleyball. The size of the site is 8x8m. (In the classic 9×9).
differences of beach volleyball from the classic
The players. There are always 2 players on the beach volleyball field. Continue reading

There are many varieties of volleyball, branching from the main sport. This is mini-volleyball, beach volleyball, park volleyball, kerntball, pionerball. In kertball, unlike ordinary volleyball, the net is replaced by…


Ankle injury
Ankle injury in volleyball is the most common - almost half of the total number of injuries. Most often, such an injury occurs when landing after a jump, and on…


Volleyball in the USSR began to develop after the Great October Socialist Revolution. His enthusiasts and propagandists were students of art universities and art workers. In 1925, at the initiative…


So, consider the rules of volleyball. The game is played on a rectangular area measuring 18x9 meters. The volleyball court is divided in the middle by the net. The height…